VESPARIS VES-SAFE - FIRE and LIFE safety operations and Situational Awareness PLATFORM

VES-Safe is a state of the art, highly scalable Emergency Responder  Situational Awareness Solution (ESAS) and is one of the most  effective and Automatic  solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any response by the emergency respondents for FIRE , SECURITY, natural disaster or other detectable EMERGENCY SITUATION .

VES-Safe automatically monitors any connected countries, regions, areas or individual property of interest in real-time, around-the-clock, enabling effective alerting for unexpected incidents  with results accessible via an interactive dashboard for operators and responders The dynamic SOP's and customizable views provides actionable intelligence at the point of requirement, giving emergency services exact details on the situation immediately. .VES-Safe monitors,  collects, filters and analyses  information from various sources including Fire alarms, security systems , Building Management system ,  climate based sensors , cameras , drones in fact ANY addressable sensor and  provides an all-hazard situation awareness information for emergency respondents.


  • Provide Real time and actionable  Intelligence on any  incident and Situation 
  • Detect unexpected or unusual incidents, possibly ahead of other communications.
  • Integrated with any calling solution for automatic contact or verification 
  • Integrates with emergency Dispatch system and mobile data terminal. Full audit trail 
  • 24/ 7 Real Time Monitoring and alarm management of entire Region/City /Premise / Factory / Property/Campus
  • Secure and Scalable to monitor millions  of devices and  properties remotely
  • Crisis Coordination & Situation Awareness between multiple teams and organizations
  • Classify and review high-value messages during an incident 
  • Highly customizable  with multiple perspectives including atmospherics , Drone views,  body cameras, (real time images from emergency services operators helmet held cameras), on site information and real-time dashboards.
  • real time mobile notifications to buiding or villa occupants along with multi-tennant user groups

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