smart solution for industries



Smart Cities Are Not Just A Dream Of The Future.

The World’s cities are bursting at the seams , civic resources are under pressure and crime is harder to police.By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. Our Smart  VES-Safe solutions are  ready to help accomplish the mission of the governments to connect and improve public safety, infrastructure, finances, resources and quality of life for Citizens, residents and visitors alike across all aspects of life , including but not limited to :

  • Flagship Smart Public Safety Systems 
  • Smart Waste Management Solution 
  • Pollution Monitoring Solution 
  • Smart Parking 
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Saving Buildings 
  • Secure Public Payments
  • Smart Public Transport
  • Smart Lighting and WIFI zone 



Digital Transformation Of Farming

New Technology  has opened up extremely efficient and productive ways to cultivate crops and raise livestock.With the use of price effective , easy-to-install sensors that provide  an abundance of insightful real-time data, actionable intelligence and high-end automation, farmers across all different disciplines can now  improve the end to end plant, cultivate, harvest and supply process.Our VES-Far Smart Platform has inbuilt  and customizable  highly productive dashboards to monitor the cultivation of plants and raise livestock remotely and has maximum flexibility for a custom-tailored solution for  your specific needs

  • Remote Crop Monitoring 
  • Water management
  • Predictive Analytics for crops 
  • Climate monitoring and forecasting 
  • Livestock Monitoring and geofencing
  • Drone management 
  • Smart Logistics and warehouse 
  • Silo Monitoring and management
  • Soil and Atmospheric Heat, temperature, moisture and PH monitoring



New Smart Industrial Revolution Through Automation

The Industrial Internet of Things is a strategic priority for manufacturing companies as it allows them to give more value to their customers as well as improve cost-efficiency of their internal and external operations. We are  here to help with VES-Ind, a fully-integrated solution that respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions in the factory, warehouse, supply chain  and customer needs.

  • Remote Production Line and Equipment  real-time monitoring and Management
  • Unified factor-wide interconnectivity 
  • Real time monitoring of equipment utilization & Performance 
  • Maximise Plant uptime 
  • Workforce tracking and safety
  • Realtime Asset Tracking 
  • Visibility into stocks and supply chain
  • Predictive Maintenance Management
  • Increase in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)



Connected Healthcare With Remote Monitoring

The Healthcare industry is one of the leading adopters of the Internet of Things. The reason for this trend is that integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing ultra high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision.Our VES-Health Solution provides:

  • Remote real-time Monitoring of Patient Statistics Health with threshold alarms and automatic alerts
  • Complete Hospital Asset Management 
  • Predictive Device Maintenance
  • Remotely locate  doctors and nurse during emergency.
  • Automated Time and attendance 
  • Patient and Healthcare provider safety



Smart & Productive Learning  FOR ALL

Our VES-Ed  application suite enhances the educational experience and augment the quality of education in all aspects  to enhance the performance of students , teachers and the institution itself by enhancing: 

  • Military Grade End to End School security
  • Real-time Classroom monitoring 
  • Attendance monitoring automation
  • Student Behavior Analysis
  • Teacher behavior & engagement 
  • Student physical and mental health
  • Personalized learnings 

       bringing equality to the provision of education 



Leveraging  The IoT Revolution In Fleet Management

The VES-Fleet Platform is a fast and reliable way to implement smart fleet safety and logistics monitoring and management. By utilizing our smart platform, logistics providers can achieve high levels of operational safety and efficiency in regard to fleet management, people transport, cargo integrity monitoring, and automated warehousing operations.

  • Real time end-to end fleet and passenger safety Management
  • Real time alert and notifications
  • Fuel Management
  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • Smart Containers 
  • Smart Labels
  • Driver Behavior Analysis 
  • Geo Fencing and route management 
  • End to End Visibility of Delivery Process